Genshin 3.0 Version Guide – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin 3.0 Version Guide – Genshin Impact Guide

The massive Genshin Impact 3.0 update has arrived, bringing with it the new Sumeru region and much, much more. This Genshin 3.0 page covers everything you need

Complete Beginner Guide | New Genshin Impact Players 2022

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► If you just started Genshin Impact, you’re a brand new player looking for a breakdown of the basics THIS IS THE VIDEO. Seriously I’m going over everything like the map, character wishing, leveling up, exploring YOU NAME IT! I made a leveling up beginner guide a few weeks back and it was met with a bit of conflict saying I used some lingo and terms they didn’t understand. So I decided to make the most beginner guide I could, the 100% new player guide going over EVERYTHING.

► Beginner/Intermediate Leveling up guide I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_vR1fjwfpw &t=11s
► Artifact Guide for Beginners!: https://youtu.be/OE6ZLTtQTmk
► Elements & Elemental Mastery Guide: https://youtu.be/lVbgd3WyrqI

►Time Stamps!
0:00 Adventure/World Rank & Quests
3:54 Resin: What, How & Where to use it
8:19 Map Exploration & Adventuring Tips
10:34 Wishing: Primogems, New Characters & Weapons
17:08 The Shop, Glitter, Welkin Moon & Battle Pass
22:18 Character & Weapon Leveling/Ascending
28:00 Constellations, Refinement & Artifacts
31:37 The Spiral Abyss

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► Songs used! I do not own any of this music.
Persona 5 Butterfly Kiss, Layer Cake, Whims of Fate

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AGGRAVATE KEQING Is CRAZY! 3.0 GUIDE: Best Builds, Teams, Showcase & Rotations | Genshin Impact

Quicken and Aggravate have made Keqing a stronger Electro DPS than ever! This Genshin Impact 3.0 updated guide focuses on why Keqing is so strong with Dendro, her best artifact and weapon builds, team comps, and team showcases. I also discuss Thundering Fury vs Thundersoother on Keqing, EM vs ATK, and more! Learn about Keqing’s best teammates in the team building section, plus sample team rotations to try for yourself in the team showcase section. Has Keqing made it up the Genshin Impact tier list? #GenshinImpact #Keqing #dendro

Intro to Team Rotations: https://youtu.be/CLdSMG1Z01k
Dendro Raiden: https://youtu.be/nenReM-D-ps
Dendro Teams & Reaction Guide: https://youtu.be/13bLg9FTkzk

0:00 Keqing Aggravate Guide
1:38 Aggravate Build – Artifacts
2:28 Thundering Fury vs Thundersoother
4:01 Aggravate Build – Best Weapons
4:48 Best Teammates
8:46 Team Showcase – Keqing Fischl Dendro Traveler Jean
10:12 Team Showcase – Keqing Yae Collei Kazuha
11:06 Team Showcase – Keqing Fischl Tighnari Zhongli
12:12 Outro Final Comments

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Thanks for watching! I’m a female Filipino Genshin Impact YouTuber and Content Creator who makes guides and gameplay vids. I really appreciate your support 😀

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BG Music
Keqing Theme Music EXTENDED, Teyvat Style OST EXTENDED – tnbee
Liyue Music – Hoyomix

(UPDATED!) Manual Installation Guide for Genshin Impact PC – Windows (v3.1.0)

Hi there~ @^▽^@ and welcome to our manual install guide for version 3.1.0

In this video, we will guide you through the Manual Installation Process of Genshin Impact for PC. This guide is useful for those players who are experiencing the following:

– Game files verification error. Select “Retry” to try again. (Download the missing zip files based on what zip_tmp files that appears on the game folder, and start at 2:25)
– Failed to unzip game files. Select “Retry” to try again. (Start at 2:36)
– Slow download speed from the Launcher

Also do note that, you can find this video guide at the Main Discord Server of Genshin Impact under the Technical Help Channel, posted at Pinned Messages

Without further ado, let’s get started~ (^▽^)

Genshin Impact Main Discord Server: https://discord.gg/genshinimpact (⑅´•⌔•`)*✲゚*

Genshin Impact Tech Fixes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1I3aaXaNbHm-igAsFwvlCEHr5xyQKO4Wot8TuywsOhxw/htmlview# *^____^*

0:00 Start
0:03 Open Web Browser, Download Launcher Installer
0:22 Install Game Launcher, Checking for Launcher Directory Installation
0:45 Checking for Game Directory Installation, Initiate Get Game/Install Accessing Genshin Impact game Folder while Downloading
1:13 Press Pause Download, and the Magic Happens!
1:18 Pause Download, Exit the Launcher, and Delete the zip_tmp files
1:35 Go back to Web Browser, Download the Full Game Zip File
2:03 Download the Full Audio Zip File
2:25 Copying/Moving the Complete Zip Files to the Game Folder
2:36 Opening 7-Zip as Administrator to Extract the Zip Files
3:04 Opening Notepad as Administrator to create/edit the config.ini File
3:17 Saving the config.ini File
3:41 Re-open the Launcher to open the Game
3:57 Login to the Game
4:08 Delete the zip files after the game is working properly
4:27 Enjoy the Game
Done~ (≧▽≦)

Note 1: Before you start following this guide, download the Game Zip File (37.8GB) – https://autopatchhk.yuanshen.com/client_app/download/pc_zip/20220917165430_NyMmj1Ta9KlZKgCZ/GenshinImpact_3.1.0.zip

Note 2: The Audio Pack is now separated from the Main Game, and if you use the Launcher to download it, it will automatically choose the Audio Pack based on your PC’s Language Settings, but, you can manually download them all if you wish to have it, or choose your preferred Audio Pack only, download links provided below:

English Audio (9.46GB) – https://autopatchhk.yuanshen.com/client_app/download/pc_zip/20220917165430_NyMmj1Ta9KlZKgCZ/Audio_English(US)_3.1.0.zip

Chinese Audio (8.19GB) – https://autopatchhk.yuanshen.com/client_app/download/pc_zip/20220917165430_NyMmj1Ta9KlZKgCZ/Audio_Chinese_3.1.0.zip

Japanese Audio (10.4GB) – https://autopatchhk.yuanshen.com/client_app/download/pc_zip/20220917165430_NyMmj1Ta9KlZKgCZ/Audio_Japanese_3.1.0.zip

Korean Audio (8.07GB) – https://autopatchhk.yuanshen.com/client_app/download/pc_zip/20220917165430_NyMmj1Ta9KlZKgCZ/Audio_Korean_3.1.0.zip

Note 3: Use 7Zip if you don’t have WinRar yet, but, if you have WinRar already, you can use it, or your preferred decompression tool.
Download Link for 7-Zip 19.00 (2019-02-21) for Windows, Get the 64-bit x64 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64 (Intel 64 or AMD64) one – https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Note 4: Make a backup copy of GenshinImpact_3.0.0.zip and Your Audio Pack, and delete it after you have installed and run the game successfully.

Note 5: The settings need to put on the config.ini file for the Launcher to see the Game:


Enjoy the Guide~ \(^o^)/

Credits to:
Recorder – Chii-Chan
Editor – Chii-Chan
QA- GamerYuan
Music – HoYo-MiX
Producer – GIODS TH Team

Getting Back Into Genshin For Sumeru? | Genshin Impact Guide 3.0

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► Everything you missed, need to know, and things to prepare for before getting back into Genshin for Sumeru and Patch 3.0! All Characters from Patch 2.0 to 2.8 all detailed, ranked and explained in a summarized list. I’m excited to know people are gonna be hopping back into Genshin to explore Sumeru and see what’s up with the Fatui Harbingers in Patch 3.0. So I wanted to make a cool summary of everything that changed or was updated during the downtime in Inazuma and Patch 2.0 onward that you might not have noticed. Thanks so much homies for checking out my vids hope you have a great day 🙂

►Time Stamps!
0:00 What Has Changed In all of 2.0 – 2.8
4:51 Every Character Released Summarized

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► Songs used! I do not own any of this music.

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