How Big is a Chunk in Minecraft – Minecraft Guide

How Big is a Chunk in Minecraft – Minecraft Guide

The world of Minecraft is made up of mobs, villagers, and an unending supply of blocks and resources. These blocks are all managed by a game engine that breaks

30 Updates That Might Be In Minecraft 1.20!

THE FUTURE! ✨ with the minecraft wild update releasing in a week i can’t stop thinking about whats next. in this video we take a look at 30 updates that we could end up seeing in minecraft 1.20!

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Minecraft: Witch Hut in ONE CHUNK! [Tutorial]

Minecraft Tutorial time! Today we’re going to build a Witch’s House with giant chicken legs, perfect for a creepy swamp or jungle base – all in a single chunk (a 16×16 area). Follow along and impress your friends!

Skibidi toilet lyrics: a hilariously confusing saga of toilet heads, electronic heroes, and dance battles!

This ONE CHUNK series will teach you how to build awesome structures in a 16×16 area – perfect for plot worlds, survival servers, and creative projects!

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Minecraft but there’s Only One Block

Playing Minecraft while there’s Only One Block brings a whole new challenge to the game! ✅ 3 Million Subs Craftee Merchandise! Click Here ► http://craftee.store/

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Welcome to Craftee where we take on different challenges and play Minecraft but strange things always happen. Today we’re playing Minecraft but there’s Only One Block! Let us know which part was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future videos that we can make!

Minecraft but there’s Only One Block

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Mining Every Ore In A Chunk! ▫ Minecraft Survival Guide (1.18 Tutorial Lets Play) [S2 E68]

The Minecraft Survival Guide Season 2 continues! Ever wondered how many ores are in a chunk?
With our Enderman XP farm complete, in this video we complete our moss mining chunk in the mountain biome, then compare the ores we find to the Ore Distribution chart Mojang published when the 1.18 was launched. We then mine out every ore in the chunk using Silk Touch, to see how many of each ore this chunk contained, then we mine it all again using Fortune to see how many resources we’d get from a single chunk!
Along the way we learn where to find Diamonds, confirm Deepslate Coal and Deepslate Emerald are pretty rare, discover fortune on Copper is still pretty OP, and do a PSA about avoding getting trapped in Bedrock!

You can find the Ore Distribution image at this article on Minecraft.net: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/caves—cliffs–part-ii-out-today-java
Or directly from this link:

Season 2 world seed (Java Edition only): -3821426255058016680

Season 2 of the Minecraft Survival Guide will teach you how to master Survival Mode in Minecraft 1.18 and beyond!

Follow the Season 2 playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7lE0MG80qw &list=PLgENJ0iY3XBjpNDm056_NSPhIntVMG0P8


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